Company purpose and vision
Marketing roadmap
Brand architecture
Brand platform
ESG commitments and CSR

Art direction
Writting and storytelling
Visual identity
Graphic design
Photography / Video

Social media and influence
Trade press (digital and print)
Advertorial campaigns
Web design
Digital acquisition (SEO, SEA)

Retail design
Booth design
Product launch
Conferences and conventions organization



Natural ingredients producers at source
Composition houses
Fragrance and beauty brands


Wine & spirits : from fields to brands
Gastronomy and chefs’ tables
Flavor and food industry


Hand transformed luxury goods
Arts & Crafts

Marketing Strategy

We connect brand, product and customer

Resperfuma crafts a unique identity to serve as the pillar of a brand or collection. We help organizations in designing their own corporate purpose, vision and marketing roadmap. Our advantage is our hands-on experience of the industry and deep knowledge of technology, innovation and savoir-faire. We connect a product with its market and customers and support the growth of the brand.

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With a background in science and more than 20 years of experience in fragrances, flavours and ingredients, we know the industry inside out. We draw on this expertise to deliver impactful solutions that meet our clients’ expectations.

Content Creation

Know the rules. Break the rules. Define new rules.

Strong content lends integrity to storytelling. It channels the core values of the campaign and builds trust between the brand and its customers. We create a compelling universe of engaging content and stunning imagery, photos and videos. Our purpose is to put people at the centre of the story.

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Our understanding and awe of nature inspire our creativity and pragmatism. Ethics and responsibility are at the core of the human values we bring to our work.


Carrying a message,
a promise

With a profound understanding from company’s vision to brands’ platforms, we build marketing roadmaps and translate them into comprehensive communication plans. While rolling out a clearly defined messaging structure and strategy, the compelling storytelling, a multi-channel approach and digital expertise, Resperfuma continues to set new standards in marketing communication, helping companies and brands to connect with their target audiences and achieve their objective.

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With a robust network in worldwide trade press, the best press agents, and influencers’ agencies, we are agile, pragmatic, and visionary.

Experience and Events

Turn the experience of an instant into an enduring business relationship

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.”- Jay Danzie

Good design can transform any space into a reflection of your brand. Set the scene, create a memorable atmosphere. While detailed planning is essential, the fine art of hosting is the cornerstone of any event. Resperfuma’s expertise is a guarantee of success.

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A to Z service that ensures your company get the attention it deserves at trade shows. We work with the best experts to deliver creative, meticulously organised events that reflect our clients’ brand values and corporate purpose.