Generate effervescence and always bring the spiciest solutions

“Feeling, sensing, sharing…

from matter to emotion, from science to communication, I aim to embody this complementary duality of a creative vision coupled with scientific awareness. I love to combine art and science, grasping the entire life cycle of a product, from the source of its ingredients to the savoir-faire or innovation which make it possible.”

Virginie GERVASON, Founder & CEO

“Translating theories into beauty,

I find my inspiration from the endless power of Nature. With a scientific and passionate approach to the living world, I aim to personally commit to adapting marketing strategies that best serve our ever evolving ecosystems.”

Thibaut VANDEMOORTELE, Creative Director

The art and science of marketing

For just over ten years, Virginie has been able to make Firmenich’s ingredients speak for themselves, whether natural raw materials or molecules used to create perfumes and aromas. She loves them and understands their origins, their respectful and sustainable sourcing, their traceability, their extraction processes and their green chemistry. From positioning to bottling, from formula to fragrance, from branding to image, from creation to communication, she combines her cross-disciplinary expertise at the heart of Resperfuma in guiding perfume houses, perfumers and artisans of any kind of luxury towards their distinctive signature.

Drawing on a blend of sensitivity and creativity, Virginie masters the art and science of marketing through every related emotion.

Precision arrives from team work and partnership

With the agency as a central pillar, Resperfuma is also built on a robust team of reliable partners, all experts in their metier.

This allows us to bring together an array of savoir-faire to produce tailored solutions that answer to each of our clients’ demanding needs. We nurture with care these faithful relationships within our network of professionals, all moved by the same values and committed to a human approach of authenticity and dedication.